Our Journey

To fully evaluate the potential of the $IMB token, one must consider developments related to the Immobilium platform on which the utilities of the token are exercised and for which uses $IMB is intended. The roadmap for the $IMB token and its future development and functionalities is in close correlation with that of the Immobilium platform. We plan for $IMB to obtain future security status as well from its current utility token status upon the development and furtherance of the regulatory framework surrounding security tokens. This is very much a work in progress and our legal and compliance teams continue to find the safest solutions for token holders and the issuing company.

As it can be seen the ambitions also exist in the direction of going beyond all cash transactions on the Immobilium platform. This implies that the team will actively work to develop and execute models to allow purchases of properties with on-platform financing. This will add functionalities and utility functions of the $IMB tokens tied to token ownership. It is not excluded that there could be options to use $IMB tokens as collateral for transactions or otherwise benefit from high-tier staking statuses.