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usa_transaction_flow USA TRANSACTION FLOW •      The transaction process starts with buyer 
 clicking “Purchase property” button. •      Buyers are given options of three different types of payments •      Payment using previously deposited funds with Immobilium •      Payment directly to designated transaction Escrow account •      Payment using crypto •      Payments using crypto are allowed in 

Forbes: AlUla In Saudi Arabia To House Notable Film Studio Boosting The Region’s Real Estate Sector

FORBES.COM Saudi Arabia is in the midst of building a major new studio in the AlUla region as part of the historic infrastructural growth taking place in the country. Located in the Fadhla area of AlUla, the structure will comprise two 24,000 sq ft sound stages, catering, production offices, a backlot, and film clusters. As […] Immobilium Uses Blockchain to Transform Real Estate Into Commodities

BITCOIN.COM The use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is rapidly growing. There are multiple projects looking to use blockchain in real estate, but can it truly transform real estate into commodities? Put simply, the technology to accomplish this is already present. Consumers simply need to learn to embrace it with Immobilium. Immobilium approaches the use […]